First Contemporary Design Progress

My first contemporary design was put on the loom today after experimenting with fabric manipulations yesterday. There were nine artisans working with us today which was wonderful as my design could be worked on all day. The process of transferring my design onto the fabric was very rushed, but I chose to use a sheer silk organza as I liked how this base fabric worked with my final traditional design, and feel sheer fabric compliments my colour palette nicely. For this design I decided to use the sequins used on my personal project to show a gradient of colour, I was pleased when Rajat agreed considering Ashok said we couldn’t use that type of sequin with the traditional designs. I had an excellent artisan today and he was incredibly quick with the sequins and could stitch them much closer than I could on my personal project.


First contemporary design on paper

My sequin personal project. Using side hole sequins layered in a gradient of colour.

My sequin personal project. Using side hole sequins layered in a gradient of colour.

Throughout this design process, particularly after a majority of the sequins were attached I was concerned that the sequins were too overwhelming for this design. Especially after a few comments by people who shall remain nameless, saying that my shell was too bedazzled. I then started to put beads and thread work to create the shapes and lines of this design after the sequins, trying to minimise the unintentional blob of sequins I had created. Whilst it was incredible I was worried it was too much and heading towards the theme of my first traditional design, hence why I tried to integrate it into my design more with continuing lines, beadwork within the shell and thread work.

Sequin texture and gradient

Sequin texture and gradient

All these design decisions to incorporate beads and thread were made without Rajat being present, so when he looked at my design after a couple of hours he suggested we should add more sequins to the shell to create a more cohesive shape. I chose to go ahead with more bedazzling despite moving away from this idea prior to Rajat’s suggestion. Ultimately adding more sequins helped to make the design flow more and I chose to add more thread work to compensate and it worked well as a whole design.

Design progress, half of the sequining done

Design progress, half of the sequining done

At the end of today I am pleased with how my design is progressing, and will most likely add more thread work above the shell to hopefully make the design more subtle. Also I found it easier to communicate with my artisan today pointing to the beads, sequins and threads I wanted, whilst drawing the lines as I went so he could understand where each medium was to be placed on the design. It was also nice to not have Rajat or even Ashok present the whole time my design was developing as I felt like I had more creative control.


Design 1 after today

Design 1 after today


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