Final Traditional Embroidery

After starting my third design last night, as in transferring it onto my fabric and having a few beads put down, it was worked on today to include thread work as well as beads. Originally I had planned to do majority thread work with a small amount of beading, yet as always Ashok thought it would look better with more beads and so it ended up with a lot more beads than I had envisioned. I am still very happy with this design, even though it was not finished due to time. I am pleased I was able to use sheer fabric with no backing and almost wish I had of considered sheer for my second design. Ashok suggested that we complete the techniques on half the design so that the contemporary artisans can then finish them off next week, however I am fine with it being only half finished as it is a working sample. I will try to finish it using a short needle imitation of long needle but if it does not look good then I won’t bother. I’m incredibly pleased with this sample and the colours and techniques I chose marry very well.


Paper Design

This is my final design pinned on the tracing paper, it is a more geometric style varying from my two previous

Collaboration: The artisan working on my design uses primarily long needle

Shell Stitching

Half of my final design complete, the threads and beads used to enhance the gradient aesthetic


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