Second Design, Day 5

Progress after day 2 of traditional embroidery

Artisan at work, the squiggly technique turned out to be surprisingly quick and looks great in the ombre thread


Design 2 on paper


Another day at the Jacaranda…

I pinned my second design myself and was able to work out the specific techniques I wanted for this design today before the artisans were ready to transfer my design to fabric. This enabled me to feel more prepared and explore different techniques in more detail to hopefully create a design I am completely satisfied with. I decided to use a mixture of thread work and beading to give my design depth and interest, no sequins for this design as I feel my first one dominated on the sequin front. Once my design had been transferred I explained to the artisan which techniques were to go where and I was amazed at the speed he could complete them. At first I was concerned using bugle beads may take too long and I did not want to hold other students up, but I need not be worried as they are wizards. I accented the bugle beads with seed beads for the spiral and was so pleased with the outcome of the beads alone. I chose to use a ‘squiggly’ thread technique using an ombre thread, this technique is an incredibly speedy technique which I am pleased with as I may have time to complete a small third design.

After comparing the techniques I chose for my second design (and even my first) to other people’s techniques, my techniques are much quicker which allows the designs to come together where as some people have chosen very time consuming techniques for their designs (such as stem stitch). From an industry perspective it is good to note the difference between some techniques and the time involved, in terms of production cost and time. Obviously it all comes down to design preference but I feel using a quick technique can be equally as impressive and allows for a larger space to be covered in a shorter amount of time, which I feel is considerate for this workshop as we are sharing the artisans time.


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