Day 5

Another day at the Jacaranda…

My first work, that was started yesterday, was completed last night by the artisans which I was not expecting. I am reasonably happy with the outcome of this design, however would’ve liked to put different techniques into all three shells and not use all sequins. I am treating this design as more of a sample, because I did not feel prepared at all yesterday and just chose a technique at random rather than truly thinking about it. The colours all work well and are within my concept and colour palette considering we had to choose quickly from Ashok’s supplies. Ultimately, this design and the techniques is not what I envisioned, specifically the use of majority sequins. I don’t think I will use this again as it is too over powering and I feel limits the design value. For next week’s workshop I might use this design again and see how it can be built in a new way, using thread work and beading with raised padding.


The back of my design on the looms


Waiting Looms


Design 1 complete


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