Day 3

Taj day! Today we got the old mini bus to Agra to immerse ourselves in Indian culture. What better way than the Taj Mahal on a 45 degree day! Wouldn’t you? We took a mini bus from Delhi to Agra and after a couple of missed turns and many a pay offs we rolled up to the Taj. Immediately swamped by people attempting to sell us various souvenirs we were given shoe covers and a bottle of water and made the short, sweaty walked to the entrance. The Taj was incredible and it was amazing to see it first hand. I did not realise how large the entire area was or how intricate the marble of the actual tomb is. Nor how hot and sweaty I could get while doing some casual site seeing. I feel like my Taj experience was clouded by the heat and sweltering sun, we did go inside the tomb but it was so over whelmingly hot with all the bodies inside it was such a quick look I felt slightly disrespectful. I was in India having an amazing cultural experience yet I was so sweaty all I wanted to do was leave and shower. All in all I am very glad we visited it and reflecting on the day it was a true cultural experience.

After the Taj we took our sweaty, stinky bodies to a very luxurious hotel for the night and waiting in the lobby I knew I was the dirtiest thing in the entire room. That afternoon we just chilled out and got right into our designs for the following morning with the artisans. Room service was all the rage and we went nuts on the food front, which was delicious once again.



The Taj




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