Day 2

Sequins and beads and threads, oh my! Sourcing day two and I am in completely over whelmed at the variety and mass of sequins, beads and threads here in India. It is Greenfields, Photios Bro’s and Spotlight all on steroids! We headed to Old Delhi and this is exactly how I imagined India. Everyone weaving and winding down tiny alleys, scooters, men pulling carts filled with wood and packages, crazy electricity wires above your head and everywhere you look there’s more. Its crazy and over whelming but that’s what makes it amazing. The best moment by far was when a lady a metre away from Maddy and I took out her phone and took a photo of us both, she was so pleased with herself and couldn’t understand why we were taking photos of a shop.

The first shop we visited was dedicated to all the sequins in the colour and style rainbow. The amount of bags that were packed floor to ceiling was incredible and it made it almost impossible to choose. I found myself carrying minimum of 10 bags around and eventually had to tell myself to sober up and calm down and eliminate. However, by the end it was just easier to say yes to them bagging me a 100 grams for 100 rupee which is roughly $2 Australian, than worry about what I may or may not use in my embroidery designs. All in all I ended up with 9 bags of sequins and cannot wait to see what the artisans can do and my designs come to life.

Second shop was beads and it was just silly the variety and once again I panicked and started grabbing bags left, right and centre. I’m so happy with all of my purchases and feel the beads and sequins compliment each other perfectly! The shop assistants were so wonderful and helpful with everything, and the owner of the sequin shop told me to stop apologising even though I knocked at least three bags down and sequins went everywhere. The bead shop sales people gave us the most delicious chai, I was sceptical at first with sickness and also being incredibly sweaty and wondering if a steaming chai was really what I needed, but it was totally worth it and so delicious, making bead sourcing extra special.

In terms of trim sourcing, it was just free for all while moving through the hussle and bustle of Old Delhi. For my concept I’m not really interested in using pre made trims or even pom poms but it was still incredible to see the detail in these works and how little they were charging in comparison, again, to Australia. Its going to be very difficult to source fabrics in Australia and buy them knowing what is available and prices in India, especially for silks.

Thread sourcing was less intense as there was the most detailed sample chart that we looked at prior to leaving for the day. However, India never disappoints price wise and it was so incredibly cheap. One spiel of silk thread was 18 Rupee, so needles to say we all snapped up plenty, considering silk thread is $8.50 a pop in Australia.



One row of about 6 piled ceiling high with all the sequins you could ever want. Plus there is an upstairs, downstairs and another shop exactly the same. Its too much!


Trims in the lanes of Old Delhi


My sequin and bead haul. Focusing on the essence of pink and blue reminiscent of shells and the WGSN trend that inspired my concept.

Footnote to Day 2: Lunch and Dinner were unreal.


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