Day 1

Today revolved around fabric sourcing for our embroidery designs. Not before a quick stop at some markets for some incredibly comfy and breathable weather appropriate clothing, and get us psyched for all the other markets we will be visiting here in India!

The fabric stores we visited today were insane and beyond anything we could’ve sourced in Australia, at a fraction of the price. The shops were floor to ceiling stacked with silks, cottons and prints, three or more levels – so needless to say eat your heart out Spotlight. I managed to find some amazing silks for my samples, as well as some cheeky metres for myself. There was such a variety it was so over whelming and I found it difficult to decide on the fabric type for the base of my samples. I’m happy with my choices and am inspired to source beads, threads, sequins, etc tomorrow.

Whilst shopping I noticed it was common in a shop to be followed by two or more sales people, and if I touched a fabric, they would immediately pull it out to show me more, I’m a pretty tactile shopper so it got pretty ridiculous. The nicest man served me, quote “fashion is my hobbie” and he even draped the fabric on himself to show how it could become a dress, and insisted that Angelina Jolie wore a dress made in their fabric. I’m amazed at the variety and quality of the fabric here, and it is pretty frustrating how much fabric costs in Australia.

Tonight we visited a girl’s house in Delhi, which was such an incredible experience. The girls we met were all so friendly and welcoming. They made a delicious dinner (especially the savoury biscuits), as two of the girls are heading to American for a year and it was wonderful to see how happy and inspiring these girls are.

Silk Rows





The shop assistant showing us how to drape the fabric into a dress. “Fashion is my passion”


Upstairs is Nirvana


The goods: Fabric I sourced for both my embroideries and some for personal projects back home.




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