Dreamliner India

After checking in my bag and heading through security, seeing the bright lights of duty free I allowed myself to get excited for India.

My trip wasn’t off to a flyer, when two days prior to leaving I decided to start my malaria tablets (a la doctor’s orders), took my first one on an empty stomach and twenty minutes later spewed it up. Great! I’m not even in India and I’m already vomiting. I bounced back though and started to get organised the day before leaving, this included getting money exchanged ready for fabric sourcing on day 1. After chatting to Donna at the airport, re money and exchange rates I wondered why I had 500,000 Rupee for 50$ Australian when others only had 10,000 Rupee for 200$ Australian. Turns out, through a shady, back door deal at the Bondi Junction Money Exchange I had accidentally converted my money in Indonesian Rupee not Indian. Luckily, I was able to change it back into Australian dollars and then into Indian Rupee, nailed it.

The twelve hour flight over made for some wonderful guilt free movie and napping time and was reasonably bearable, turbulence and all. Arriving at Delhi International Airport at 6pm, a mild 30 degrees wasn’t too bad, and while taxing to our accommodation, realising that the road lines were only put there for show and no one really bothers to use them. And honking is just a friendly reminder to your fellow commuters that you are on the road and attempting to under take them.

Now I am preparing myself for two weeks of incredible culture, experience and embroidery, all while being extremely sweaty…

Dream Liner Wisdom


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